Thursday, June 3, 2010


Dear members,

It was great to see you enjoying yesterday. You were warm and welcoming hosts, not sure if over-enthusiastic.... but I am sure Bowen Sec could feel your hospitality.

Hope you learn have learnt from your friendly opponents, as well as from the court-managing experience. It's part and parcel of inter-school competitions. Hope you will continue to train hard so that you can play better hosts when other school teams visit us. It's important to make them feel challenged or else they would not find them time here well-spent.

We are proposing an extra training day and the only possible slot is every Friday, at external venues like sports hall or community clubs. Do let me know your views. It will be made compulsory so we need to reach a consensus.

Ms Choo


  1. IM ITCHING to play and train AGAIN! i feel like having a day of gathering and we all play together at Safra badminton courts or somewhere... Anyone with me?

  2. Not a bad idea!!! Need the details, though... And not sure if my parents will let me go... =(