Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last plan for CCA fair


  1. Let them play with one of us
  2. Team bonding activities (doubles...)
  3. make them do physical activities (competitions)
  4. show them what we usually do during our training
  5. quiz about badminton
  6. create pamphlet, flyers
  7. Booth
  8. Gifts
  9. Show them our gear.

Play with them unless there is a long queue. If there is a long queue, play with them for a while, then let them play by themselves.

Have some small games/activities by the side. (little skill games like shooting or keeping the shuttle cock in the air for the longest time.)

Ushers or banners at a strategic location to get people.

5 point game. **Need to make a roster for the available jobs each of us can do at the certain point of time.


Video, questions, quizzes..

Have two groups, A and B so that when one group is resting (eating or water break) another group will take over.

Committee doing the small bazaar games, manning the booth, making the video, ushering, publicity.

Have to be professional, friendly and calm.

Can tell them that these activities is just to interest them in the sport, and it is not our training. Our training is definitely MORE tough.

Mobile. people going around shouting for people to come. (politely) need to make a banner after exams and posters and others.

Preparations may need 3 weeks. need different groups.. 2 major working groups for preparations. Detailed roster would be done by EXCO after exam. (for both actual day and preparation)

We will have to redecorate our blog to show on that day.

EVERYONE will be involved in this event.


Activities: 4

Aisyah, Kok Yin, Nadiah, Michelle, Sue Lun, Zhi Qi

Publicity: 6

Benjamin, Jonathan, Kun Yao, Jun Hao, Tse Tzang, Teoh Yun, Ming Yong, Chen Yu

Exco: 6

Working on $40 and Exco need to allocate to all the groups.

Please tell the Exco the amount of money you need for your preparation. (to various groups)

No major activities at the stage.

One court for play

Half court for activites

FAQ booth piano area.

EXCO to split. (in charge)

2 at FAQ - be able to answer questions

2 activites - look out for good players

2 court - look out for good players

Publicity to split into half

Half break, half work. (1 hour)

Interested people to leave contacts

“Good” players to rematch and EXCO to watch out for skills

Leaders of respective groups to decide about materials, etc. That is needed and inform Mr Lam via email.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CCA Sign-up for Sec One

CCA Fair will be on 12 Jan, Wed, at 2.30-4.30pm.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Badminton Training Resuming on 27 Dec

Hi Everyone,

Pls help me inform everyone that training is on 27 and 29 Dec from 10 am - 12 pm.

Exco - when are you preparing the materials for CCA sign-up?


Mr Dennis

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What we have discussed today

1. We have training on the 27 and 29 Dec. Another reminder would be issued on a later date.

2. What we can do to improve ourselves, our strengths and ideas to try next year:
- We have a well planned schedule (a little minor issue about the agility not being consistant and maybe leaving out some. Maybe EXCO may look into it.)

- We should have a badminton fund to book courts so as to save time

- We can practice on our own before the coach comes to have more actual training with the coaches (maybe do warm up, agility and footwork before coach comes)

- Maybe come 30 mins earlier for warm ups.

- Having a 3rd training session (most likely optional for those with compulsory events like 3rd
language )

-Making training hours longer if the 3rd training session is not possible.

-Alternate training for competition (matches) and normal skill training to have a balance

- Have more occasions of the baton running activity

- Team matches with punishment

-Need of new shuttles and plastic box w/o wheels.

Getting new recruits:
- We could compare the next batch with us.

- We need to have good role-modeling skills

- Be friendly

- Communicate and get feedback on what they look for in training and try to work towards it. (feedback must be on the training not on break time or related stuff.)

- We can play with them to see their talent in badminton

- We should aim for primary school players and those with great interest

- Let the students play with us during recess and lunch

- Let them know training is not easy.

Things to do:
-Relaunch the Facebook page
-Make a relay system
-Make all EXCO an admin or author on the Badminton Blog.

That's all for now.

Badminton Review 2010


Think we had a good review - key to a good review is to allow everyone to voice their opinions and I think you did well by not judging or criticising others' comments.

As we were short of time, I didn't go into the question on what you can do to improve yourself. I would like all of you to post your responses here.

What you can do is up to you. Maybe you will want to commit to jogging 4 km every 2 days. Or you want to play badminton for an addition 4 hours every week with friends. You may also wish to read 2 books on competitive badminton this holiday, or swim 1 km twice a week. Important thing is that you post it here, state something that is measurable, and stick to it.

I look forward to seeing your responses - just add it as a comment to this post.

Best regards,
Mr Dennis