Monday, November 8, 2010

Punishment: NO COURT SHOES.

For those who do not wear their court shoes to CCA, the punishment would be as follows:
-3 rounds of Uncle Stanley Run around the school

For those who have forgot: ("recipe" for one round xD)

-Start at the corridor outside the hall.
-run to the staircase nearest to our space
-run down
- run across the link way
- turn right
- go up the first flight of stairs you see to level 4
- touch the railing
- run down to the base floor
- run across the link way
- turn left to the stairway directly beside the canteen,
-go up
-run to your starting point.

-AVOID holding onto the railing when climbing stairs
-DO NOT take shortcuts
-Running ADDITIONAL ROUNDS will not be eligible to canceling rounds for the next punishment.

Please comment if I am wrong,

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