Monday, November 29, 2010

Year End Review

Hi All,

Happy to see more people attending training today. See you guys at 8.50am on Wed.

For Wednesday 1Dec, be prepared to stay back for Year End CCA Review, up to 12 noon. If you wish it to end earlier, come prepared to answer these questions:

1. How can we attract and keep good players next year? We will limit the number of new members, so we only want those with the right attributes, i.e., committed, work well with others, confident, loyal.

2. How can you improve the quality of badminton training for yourself? Note that the emphasis is on YOU - what you can do, for yourself.

And to clarify, while I do not rule out the possibility of asking any existing member to leave the team, I certain do NOT intend to do so just to make space for new members. Hence, don't have to feel threatened by the new-comers.

Thanks and see you!

Mr Dennis

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