Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Badminton Review 2010


Think we had a good review - key to a good review is to allow everyone to voice their opinions and I think you did well by not judging or criticising others' comments.

As we were short of time, I didn't go into the question on what you can do to improve yourself. I would like all of you to post your responses here.

What you can do is up to you. Maybe you will want to commit to jogging 4 km every 2 days. Or you want to play badminton for an addition 4 hours every week with friends. You may also wish to read 2 books on competitive badminton this holiday, or swim 1 km twice a week. Important thing is that you post it here, state something that is measurable, and stick to it.

I look forward to seeing your responses - just add it as a comment to this post.

Best regards,
Mr Dennis


  1. I may work out a timetable to distribute time for running, cycling, lifting weights and holiday homework so that I can train my leg muscles to do footwork better.

  2. I will allocate 2 mornings every week to run, and persuade my father to book the badminton court for 2 hours on Sunday. If anyone wants to come, it's every Sunday morning 8-9am at Jurong West Sports Hall. Please tell me if you're coming via email or sms. I will also lift weights to improve my strength and wrist power.

  3. I will swim more during my swimming lessons and go swimming more to train on my stamina.Find time to play badminton and run,

  4. I will spend my time in the gym for about an hour every weekend mainly to run on the trackmill to train my stamina. Also, I can practice my swings and wrist power by swinging the rackets and to work out in the gym to train my arm muscles. Lastly, I can go practice badminton once or twice a month, to meet up with friends and share with each other advice while playing in the court.

  5. I will find time to exercise, at least 2 times a week, to train on my stamina, speed and reflexes. By running, jogging in different ways and different routes as well as shuttle run.As well as my leg power and my arm power. By doing push ups, sit ups and other forms of exercise. I can book a badminton court and play with friends and family to practice my strokes.

  6. I will try to run at least 2 km every week to increase my stamina and will do 20 push-ups daily to increase my arm power.