Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What we have discussed today

1. We have training on the 27 and 29 Dec. Another reminder would be issued on a later date.

2. What we can do to improve ourselves, our strengths and ideas to try next year:
- We have a well planned schedule (a little minor issue about the agility not being consistant and maybe leaving out some. Maybe EXCO may look into it.)

- We should have a badminton fund to book courts so as to save time

- We can practice on our own before the coach comes to have more actual training with the coaches (maybe do warm up, agility and footwork before coach comes)

- Maybe come 30 mins earlier for warm ups.

- Having a 3rd training session (most likely optional for those with compulsory events like 3rd
language )

-Making training hours longer if the 3rd training session is not possible.

-Alternate training for competition (matches) and normal skill training to have a balance

- Have more occasions of the baton running activity

- Team matches with punishment

-Need of new shuttles and plastic box w/o wheels.

Getting new recruits:
- We could compare the next batch with us.

- We need to have good role-modeling skills

- Be friendly

- Communicate and get feedback on what they look for in training and try to work towards it. (feedback must be on the training not on break time or related stuff.)

- We can play with them to see their talent in badminton

- We should aim for primary school players and those with great interest

- Let the students play with us during recess and lunch

- Let them know training is not easy.

Things to do:
-Relaunch the Facebook page
-Make a relay system
-Make all EXCO an admin or author on the Badminton Blog.

That's all for now.

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