Saturday, January 22, 2011


All badminton players, please rest well and do not get sick during the holidays.
We cannot afford to have any more people that cannot go for the tournament including reserve.
Dring lots of water and keep your self hydrated.
Get a lot of rest.
Be confidence in going in.
Visualize yourself playing the match before the real game.
You will feel more confident that you will win.

Everyone must bring their gear, which includes: badminton shoe, racket, water to drink, and a towel to clean your sweat. Also remember to bring your S and W attire. The jerseys might not be ready, so bring it just in case. Reserve must also bring their gear and S and W attire, just in case something happens, including chen yu, you may not be going, but if something happens we will need you. So reserve, be prepared at all times.

Thank you.

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  1. Can anyone tell us the exact timtable for Monday to Wednesday. I'm kinda confused. If not, are we going through it on Monday? And IS there even training for the girls on Monday?