Monday, January 24, 2011

With Regards To Badminton Competition

Hey Team!

I think that you guys did fine for the competition. As long as you have did your best and had fun, it is alright:) If you think you did not perform, then do your best for the upcoming matches. But remember to take care of yourself.  Again, Keep up with the good spirit and good job:)

I want to say that for your match tomorrow, stay calm and do your best. Have a strong spirit with you and have a mindset to get every shot over the net. Also for those who are not playing/ waiting to play, I suggest that you can observe how other players play in the court and learn from them. All the best for tomorrow and Do Your Best:)

*Believe in yourself and you can do it:)


  1. The opponent is very professional and most of them have years of training. So don't feel so bad if you lose

  2. Note taken, and thanks for the encouragement. :D

  3. Thanks... We'll keep that in mind... Girlzzz, don't get emo if we lose...

  4. OMG So cheesy. I feeel like crying.